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FAQ last year i made my mom a collage of pictures and put a poem about her in the middle. It made her cry and she had it professionally framed and it is hanging in her office. I kant go buy anything kuz im broke. It has to be crafty, but i dont no how to

A: You could make alot of fun things.. be creative. (:

Bath and Spa Basket:

Bath Scrubs
Bath Salts
Bath fizzies
Organza satchets
Lip Balm
Slippers/ Fuzzy socks
Bath robe

Girls Recap: You Can't Just Have Part

. She could have been acting out due to total drunkenness, but based on Adam’s multiple denials of her sexual advances (even when she’s wearing a blond wig and pretending to be a married housewife), it seems like maybe she’s just not getting it at home. Adam also tells her she looks like a Christmas tree when she gets dressed up for him in sexy lingerie, so, RUDE. Maybe it really is time to cut this one loose, Hannah, just like your mom said.

Elsewhere in Brooklyn, Marnie is busy attempting to get a job at her friend Soo Jin’s new gallery, while also flirting with Adam’s actor friend. This guy allegedly has a girlfriend, but has no qualms about singing innuendo-laced songs to Marnie, so everyone here is making great choices. Jessa, who’s been spending a lot of time with Jasper (read: doing a ton of cocaine), finally admits that she’s a junkie. Shoshanna, again, doesn’t do much in "Role-Play" except tell Jessa she looks like a junkie. Now that we know what an amazingly mean drunk Shoshanna is, every week that she’s not shitfaced and yelling at people feels like a total waste.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide - Gifts for the Sentimental Mom

While many of us are good with sending flowers, a card, or picking up a gift basket from Bath and Body Works, there are plenty of moms out there who go for more sentimental, homemade gifts. Here are some gift ideas for the Sentimental Mom. If your mom is particularly sentimental, I have some ideas for you. Mother's Day is around the corner, and it's time to start brainstorming those gift ideas....


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When purchasing these Christmas gifts for mom, one useful suggestion for you would be to place your orders in advance so that you could get it when you need it. Delays can really happen during the shipping process especially during the holiday... Whether you have allocated a huge amount of money for it or only have a few dollars to spend, you can safely bet that there's always something that you can get from these online Christmas gifts for mom. On the web, one will see that there are really a lot of massive collections that can freely be browsed if you want to get some Christmas gifts for moms and even for new mothers as well....